Living a Life of PRAISE

Believe in a Breakthrough

O Lord I cry out to you. I will keep on pleading day by day.
Psalm 88:13

Are there things in your life you are constantly bringing to God? Are there issues you are waiting to see resolved? Are you in need of a breakthrough? Then you’re not alone because this psalmist was too.

There is a desperation that wells up from within when we cry out to God but how often do we do this? We need to be real in front of Our God who already knows our thoughts. We need to be honest with those around us about our situations and struggles. If there is urgency in your soul to see God reveal Himself, don’t hesitate. Tell Him now.

Discipline is a wonderful characteristic to have and it’s often birthed when we commit to bringing something to God every time it comes up. We then follow that commitment with obedience. After being honest with God we need to be still and wait for His reply. If we’re easily distracted we need to remove ourselves from the distraction and tell God-I’m not leaving this place until I hear from You.

Prayer for Today:
God many of us are hurting and in desperate need for You to breakthrough. We praise You for all You have done and all You are doing in the unseen. May we open our hearts to You today and have the courage to take the next step.


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