Living a Life of PRAISE

Don’t Give Up

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9

This scripture is full of an awesome promise but only IF we keep the last half of it: “do not give up.” Life is hard and just when things can be going great, something can throw us off track. It is in that place we see if our faith is real or just talk. Do we persevere or give up? Do we continue to seek God through prayer and His Word or do we occupy our time with other things and allow the bible to collect dust?

Having just come out of pregnancy sickness that sucked the life right out of me, I can say this verse is true and how thankful I am to have not given up. I know what its like to be depressed. I know what its like to not want to get in the Word. I know what its like to be so weak that paying bills or answering the phone or checking email requires more brain power than whats actually in there. Top that off with having 2 little ones running around and my days seemed long and burdensome. Had I not had my faith and clung to it with everything in me, I would have given up. I would have closed myself off to the world. But praise God for the hope we have in Him even in the midst of darkness and uncertainty! It pleases Him when we continuously come to Him, even if its crawling.

If you are in the season of waiting for your harvest, this scripture should be posted all around your house. It is a promise-keep doing good and you will see it pay off. The awesome thing about God is the pay off is normally so much better than we could even imagine!

Prayer for Today:
Thank you God for Your Word that speaks to every circumstance we’re ever in. May You draw us into Your presence even when we don’t want to be there. May we hold fast to the truth, not give up, and put our faith into action. Thank You for these times that teach us what perseverance is all about.


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