Living a Life of PRAISE

New Day

Until the time came to fulfill His word,
The Lord tested Joseph’s character.
Then Pharaoh sent for him and set him free;
The ruler of the nation opened his prison door.
Psalm 105:19, 20

Are you stuck right now? Maybe it’s a relationship that’s not growing or you’re waiting for a financial breakthrough. Maybe you feel so far from God. Maybe you’re miserable and hopeless because you see no change in an area you’ve been praying for. Are you tired of struggling with the same thing over and over? Or maybe you’re just frustrated because you don’t understand Gods ways. In other words, do you need a prison door opened? Do you need to be set free? If so, may this devotion lead you to a breakthrough!

Often we get in places in life when we don’t understand what is going on. Maybe one day we were so close with God experiencing all His goodness and the next we seem to be so far and surrounded by turmoil. It doesn’t take much for our world to get turned upside down. It can be a phone call, a sick child, an irritating spouse, a death, something we saw on tv, or something we heard about. These are the times are character is tested. It’s easy to praise God and talk about faith when “the world is all that is should be” but when circumstances happen that are out of our control and leave us in a frenzy or distress, its then we see if we really do have faith and are going to seek God no matter what! Do we sit back or fight? Do we complain or praise? Do we reamain silent or ask for prayer? Tough times bring out desperation and a broken spirit is something God delights in (Psalm 51:17).

We have no control of the time we are in “prison.” It may be a dark day or two or it may be a dark season that seems it will never end. We may feel bound to something or like we’re spiraling in a dark hole with no light to rescue us but it is in this place we must stand firm and hold fast to the Word of God. He wants us to cry out to him. He wants us to say, “You have to come to my rescue!” But so often we get comfortable where we are. We don’t want others to know our struggles so we either cover them up or isolate. We believe lies like, “this is just how I am” or “I don’t believe I’ll ever really be free I just need to maintain this issue.” When we buy into that thinking we are in agreement with the devil and instantly defeated. We have been given the mind of Christ which will bring healing and transformation and an overflow of love into our life but its our choice as to whose voice we will follow.

Joseph had a tough life of being rejected, kidnapped, falsely accused, and left to rot in prison yet his faith was steadfast. He trusted God no matter how bad it got and in His time God restored him and blessed him. He had strong character because of all he endured, which led him to be set free and step into his calling. Joseph had God’s favor and so do you. If you need to be let out of your prison, ask God. Believe in His Word and what you pray. Ask for movement. Ask for His eyes to see your situation with. Ask to be able to breathe again. And most importantly don’t keep it to yourself. Testify! Everywhere you go ask God to bring you someone you can talk to about His goodness. This is what lifts us up above sickness and stress and troubles. May today be a day of chains being broken. What a beautiful sound!

Prayer for Today:
God we come to you today asking in faith and believing in Your Word for the prison door to be opened. May heaven be unleashed in us as we walk free and radiate Your beauty. Set our minds on things that make You smile. May we not look back but move forward excited in how Your love changes everything! Thank You for Your Word that answers every need and is truth that we can stand on when everything else is shaky. You are full of grace and mercy and compassion. As we walk in that may we be examples of the love you pour out on us.


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  1. * randi :) says:

    hey girl,
    was just thinkin about you so came by to say HEY. another great devotional. I love your passion & zeal for Him and the radical transformation & change He brings. Keep going girl – keep preaching it. Help Him use you to bring others to Him so He can break the chains! U got it girL 🙂


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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