Living a Life of PRAISE



… You have restored my health
and have allowed me to live!
Yes, it was good for me to suffer this anguish,
for You have rescued me from death
and have forgiven all my sins.
Isaiah 38: 16, 17

Have you been sick or downcast or just feeling blah lately? This month has been a tough one for me and my family. We have caught every virus, bug, and sickness that has gone around. The stomach bug was the worse by far! As I was throwing up on a Saturday night all I could think about was Sunday morning-worshipping with my church. I so badly wanted to feel well for the next day but there seemed to be no hope in sight. I even told God-if you get me through this night I will praise You tomorrow! My body and mind was so weak. My health, which I take for granted, was depleting. I didn’t have the energy and joy and excitement for life. But I did have the hope there would be a new day.

Sunday morning came and even though I wasn’t throwing up my body ached pretty bad. I knew my healing would come at church just from being in the presence of the Lord which takes away all fears, worries, and hurts. I forgot I was even sick while I was singing praises to Our Awesome God and even when I was soaking in a message about living in victory. God was restoring me and how I longed to praise Him and tell others of how He brought me back to life. Just as this scripture says, “It was good for me to suffer this anguish” because I was reminded of the death and resurrection that Jesus endured so that I may have new life with Him (Romans 6:4). He is always restoring, redeeming, and raising us up from our circumstances IF we keep our eyes on Him. There is a beauty to suffering (even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time) when we know it brings us to a closer and more intimate place with Our Savior (Romans 8:17).

Isaiah 38:9 says, “When King Hezekiah was well again, he wrote this poem about his experience.” This poem is known as his “Poem of PRAISE”. Hezekiah sought God in the midst of his sickness (38:2, 3) and God heard his prayers and added fifteen more years to his life. What a great reminder to record the miracles God does in our life. How often do we overlook sickness as just “sickness” instead of asking God what we can learn from it? Maybe we need to slow down and rest in the presence of the Lord. Maybe we need to be reminded of His healing power. Do we even recognize and praise Him once we’re well again? Do we testify of His greatness even in the midst of suffering? Or do we just survive putting prayer and bible reading on the back burner until we “feel” it again?

The poem ends with this (38:20):

Think of it-the Lord healed me!
I will sing his PRAISES with instruments
every day of my life
in the Temple of the Lord.

Has God healed you? Thank Him and pray for opportunities to tell others! Healings are not just physical. There are emotional healings and spiritual healings. Healings of finances and marriages. Healings of a changed heart and renewed mind. Healings in friendships and resentments. Spend the day praising Our God who still heals today. If you’re in need of healing ask Him for it and believe He will answer!

Prayer for Today:
Lord God you are awesome and holy and magnificent! You are worthy of ALL our praise. Show us today areas that are in need of healing. Remind us of Your healing power. Bring people into our life who are in need of healing words and hope and encouragement. Your Word says You comfort us so we can comfort others (2 Cor. 1:4). May we live that out daily. Help us to be fearless for You as we claim to be servants of Yours and not man. Only You can make our suffering good and worthwhile. Thank you for doing whatever it takes to get our attention and focus on You! Today I sing Your praise!!


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  1. * Harriet says:

    I have been reading back to some of your past blogs…talk about faithful! It seems that every cry of your heart from that time until now has been answered! This truly is keeping a record of miracles! God is so faithful. He loves us so much! There is a new song circulating out of IHOP-Kansas City called “Dark but Lovely”. It is a truth that we, in all our darkness and weakness, have actually stolen His heart…just once glance at his children and He is captivated by us!! That kind of grace is hard to understand! Thank you for living life out loud and giving us all a peek into it!

    | Reply Posted 9 years ago

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