Living a Life of PRAISE


My heart is steadfast, O God;
I will sing and make music with all my soul.
Awake, harp and lyre!
I will awaken the dawn.
I will PRAISE You, O Lord, among the nations;
I will sing of You among the peoples.
Psalm 108:1-3

This Psalm has been on my heart for many reasons. One, the word STEADFAST is a word I love and strive towards. I use to be an emotional wreck who was freaked out over any bit of change. It didn’t take long for God to break me of that by having children, no stable income, moving to a state where we knew one person, and getting outside my “church box” by reaching out to neighbors, homeless, and befriending people who don’t look, act, talk, and believe like me.

I realized years ago my emotions were out of hand when a problem would creep up and I would call everyone and their mom just to vent. It took one person not agreeing with me to send me into this emotional frenzy. I was and can still be a people pleaser, wanting the approval of others. The only way I have had any growth in this is by the Word of God which never changes. Thank you Jesus for that! In a world where nothing is constant what a praise to know His Word remains the same! This emotional frenzy would ooze into my marriage driving my husband crazier than I know he admitted and it would also leak into Kaylee which that child does not need any extra emotions coming her way!

About 8 months ago I said, “God I want to be STEADFAST.” He said, “Then you need to detach yourself from things and people that feed into your emotions and press into me and me alone.” Sure-I thought to myself. Then came the time to put into action what I knew I needed to do. This is called obedience and as much as my soul desires it my flesh wants nothing to do with it. I had to die to myself and wants and desires which meant no more blogging, face book, My Space, and even friendships I needed to walk away from.

This was not easy but incredibly rewarding as I noticed my mind became more clear and less filled with thoughts of others and their life and what they thought of me. My motives became pure as I was in communion with God more and scripture was what I thought about during my days. I prayed and prayed and prayed and began to see prayers answered in my life as well as others that no one even knew I was praying for. God showed me there is a “secret place” with Him that is often missed by christians because we’re doing a lot for Him and speaking a lot about Him but not taking the time to be still and having the Holy Spirit speak things to us that are only known by Him.

There would be days I felt so alone and like a stranger in a foreign land but Matt would always encourage me by saying, “But look at the fruit! And look how close you are to God right now!” He had a point. I felt like I broke through to another side that I didn’t even know was there. God truly became my all in all and everything I wanted to live for and speak of. His presence became so thick in my life and the desire to want more and more of Him, whatever the cost. It was in this place God began to rid me of the fear of man. What I tasted was real and all I could think about was at the end of my life what REALLY matters? It can’t be stuff because none of that goes with me and eventually it will burn. It can’t be to be seen a certain way because I am weak and broken and its only in knowing Christ that God sees me as holy and pleasing to Him.

What really matters is how I love My Jesus. It’s how I use the gifts Hes given me for Him. It’s how I daily die to myself in not being on the phone and computer while my children are wanting my attention. It’s how I build up my husband and make him feel like the most respected and handsome man that ever lived. It’s being fearless in sharing the hope we have in Christ. And it’s being a prayer warrior, servant, and one who helps others find FREEDOM and VICTORY in Christ. I desire to see chains broken and lives healed. That is my purpose and my heart’s cry. If God can deliver me from as many things as He has then its possible for anyone.

So to say my heart is STEADFAST is to say its constant, faithful, determined. Another version says this of Psalm 108:1: “I have decided always to belong to you”. Its a choice and one that must be made everyday before I get out of bed. With that choice comes the desire to sing and praise and thank Him and tell others of His greatness. When God has done something in my life it is impossible to not PRAISE Him. What I’m learning though is to praise Him even when things are not going as I want them to or to PRAISE Him in the unseen-trusting and believing in His character that what He is bringing together is good because He is good. With that comes a liveliness and awakening that can’t be contained. It’s a fire that burns within as Jeremiah talks about. It’s hard to just sit or even stand or remain silent when God changes a heart. I love how the book of Psalms is full of praises to God even in the depths of sorrow. It pleases Him to see us praise and I see how contagious it is when Matt and I are praying or we have worship music playing. It fills our home with joy and peace and our girls stop what they’re doing to join in. They dance and Kaylee sings the words to songs that are praising Our King!

My Prayer for Today:
God I love you! I love how you move in my life and how I see you moving in others and especially this town. I choose to praise you today no matter what. You are good and loyal and always ready to comfort me and love on me when this world has left me dry and hopeless. Thank you Jesus for your death that has allowed me to have new life. You are constantly raising me up and each time I am falling more and more in love with You. May the Holy Spirit be alive and active in my life daily and may I be willing to walk away from anything that does not lead me to knowing you more!


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  1. * 704hollyandrich says:

    you make me smile:) I love you friend!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Harriet says:

    Wow! Steadfast! What an incredible word…what an awesome trait to have mark your life! Your zeal for God and to see people go beyond what they are now experiencing is contagious. I love you, sweet friend. Shoulder-to-shoulder. Watch out Earth!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Randi says:

    ohh amen girl! I love it. I soo know what you mean about feeling like an alien/ separated. Many days when I gave up comptuer/tv – and I never raelly enjoyed the phone anyway — I would think – what is everybody else doing? should I be doing more? having more friends? going out more? but God told me there would be a time for that — that it was a season to be with Him and build deep relationships with the core friends He gave me to help/encourage/sharpen me. That friends to meet friends is fine – but He wanted to do something different – something through me that was more than friends & popularity. ANYWAY I don’t know if that made sense — but anyway! Also soo true about getting rid of things that are works or that we use as a crutch for approval/validation/ to keep busy. Not doing for him – but being with Him. That is what He taught me as well — or is teaching I should say. It’s not like I learn it once and I’m perfect in that area…… but it’s something He’ll always nudge/check me on.

    anyway I’m typing way too fast and I don’t think I’m making sense — my point is – I hear ya and I’m right there with ya and love ya! thanks for sharing ur herart !:)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 4 months ago

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