Living a Life of PRAISE

Today is the day

Psalm 17:15

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on our move back here to Wilmington. We came back with no job, home, or idea what was to come. But God has provided! He is faithful!

He has provided Matt with a part time job that has allowed him to still work on his cd and spend time with his grandfather and aunt. He brought investors for Matts cd into our path who believe in his music and say, “we are willing to take a chance on him because if just one person is changed through this, then its worth it.” Wow! He has provided me the opportunity to help pay off debt and put money towards Kaylee’s school by helping a family member in need. He has opened the door once again for me help out my family financially as I start “Thirty One gifts”. They have purses, bags, and all kinds of fun girl stuff that you sell at parties. The best part is its founded on Proverbs 31. When I looked it up online I was filled with awe for God as I thought-this is the total package for me: getting together with women, hosting, selling fun stuff, making money, and my most fave thing in the world-getting to talk about Jesus! What a blessing!

He has just recently provided us with a free financial counselor in the church who is helping us with a budget, Matt’s business, and our house. We have been approaching foreclosure on our home in Clarksville, TN. It really stinks but we realize its just part of making a dumb financial decision. Theres no one to blame but ourselves but theres no reason to let it consume or destroy us. The crazy thing is, we’ve had a peace about this for a while now. So when we met with this financial advisor who would have known he specializes in short sales-a much better alternative to foreclosure! God continues to love, provide, and bless us-it’s out of this world.

Now this is the best part-as we were getting close to our moving date into a town home here, Matt and I realized we had no bed. Our poor bed in Clarksville was falling apart. The coil was coming out along with the foam and stitching. It’s days were done so we got rid of it. Not having money to buy a bed but we obviously needed one, we began to pray-God bring us a bed. Two Sundays ago a man came up to Matt and I saying, “If you are ever in need of anything personally, let me know. I want to help you.” After church Matt and I talked about what God would want us to do with that information. We’ve learned if people put us on their heart to help, then let them. God does the same for us when we need to help others so to not accept it, is prideful-thinking I’m above God to not accept His help. So after some time of wrestling I called Matt and said, “Yes, we are to ask this man for a bed.” Two hours later, he walks into the coffee shop where Matt is sitting. Matt asks him and this man responds, “You get what you need and send me the bill. Get whatever you need for the room and know I am always here to help you.” So God sent us a bed!!

I am daily seeing Him face to face in so many ways. It’s like a new awakening. A new love relationship. New eyes. The season of being back home with no home has come to an end. Today is the day we move. Today we get our own space and routine. Today I am seeing God and I worship.


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  1. * Shane says:

    God is good! And just like you said to the homeless man that you helped last week, God will always provide. I love that you have seen His blessings and share it with us in bloggy land!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago
  2. * Patti, Janesville WI says:

    Hi Erin…..
    Love you’re blogs. Im sending a private message to you via Matt’s myspace….

    God Bless!!

    Patti, Janesville.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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