Living a Life of PRAISE

More IS revealed…

Ps. 138:3

I have to start with this scripture because it is true in my life. For years I have prayed and asked God-what is my calling? He first had to get me to a place where if all I ever was, was a wife and mom then it would be okay. Before I had Kaylee I was speaking at different venues like schools, treatment centers, and organizations. After I had her all those doors closed and I couldn’t understand why if I had such a passion to tell others what God had done in my life. That’s when God said, “I want to teach you how to not just be a mom, but a godly mom”. Outside of Matt, my child had to come first. This was a hard adjustment but one I grew to love so much that it didn’t matter if this was “it” to life.

I realized my love and support for Matt would be what would allow him to succeed. He can’t be all he’s created to be without me behind him because we’re one. I also found great delight and joy and fulfillment by being a part of his ministry even in the selling of merch and especially by devoting myself to pray for him and the guys that play with him and the events they play at. I love being in the back because I feel like my prayers are covering those there. I love being “Matts wife”. What an honor! I love exposing our kids to music that glorifies God. They’ve gotten to make friends all over the US just like Matt and I. Someone once told me I wouldn’t be able to get close with people on the road because we’re in and out of churches so fast but that is not true. I’ve been able to make lasting friendships, pray for those who break down or open up, and I’ve been encouraged greatly by many who would talk to us afterwards. We have seen God move outside of our everyday lives and its only grown me in my devotion to Jesus and desire to see others fall madly in love with Him.

My girls are my legacy. They will be influenced by whoever they spend most of their time with and I want that to be me. I want them to live their days seeing us pray and thank God for His provision and blessings. I want to be the one to teach them how to share everything because nothing is really ours. I want to be the one to discipline them so they understand why they can’t misbehave. I want to be the one who sees the first “first”. And most importantly I want them to know Matt and I are there for them because we are here-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have learned being a mom is a very important role and if I fail at this or being a wife but I’m helping others outside my family know God, then thats not success to me. I first want a thriving family so that overflows into everything else we do. I can’t have that type of family if I’m not here. I wouldn’t know how to teach them or discipline them. I have to learn my children and that comes from being around them.

There have been many lessons learned as I chose to make being a wife and mom a priority but I still questioned and even annoyed plenty of people with my “passion of many things” I’m sure. I came to a point about a year ago when I once again got on fire about something only for it to go nowhere. I asked God-why? It was then (in the shower-where I seem to have many revelations), that He said to me, “All of these different passions are seeds planted and one day it will bloom into something beautiful”. It was then I let go of being apart of something “great” and realized my family was enough. I was proud when people asked, “What do you do?” and I would say with confidence “I’m a stay at home mom”. The need to say more was no longer there. The need to impress with a “well I do this too…” or “one day I’ll do this…” was completely gone. Contentment was reached.

Now I can honestly say the season of blooming is here…

When we first got back in town I was going through a study and during it God spoke “Womens Ministry” to me. I didn’t know what it meant but knew I needed to talk to someone at church about it. After that meeting it began to make sense to me. You see I love to encourage. It doesn’t matter if its someone who is trying to get out of a dark lifestyle or someone who is struggling with staying pure before marriage or its someone who is on fire for God and ready to take that next step of faith that appears to be insane. It’s all HOPE that I am giving. “Womens ministry” then made sense because its encompasses everything women deal with.

So a couple of days ago I got a message from a friend saying there was going to be a meeting about a possible womens conference. She then threw in, “I think this is going to be your baby”. I was speechless! Immediately I thought-is this IT God? Is this what I have been waiting for and you have been preparing me for? I know this is a big undertaking, much bigger than ourselves but I am so excited. It’s not just the event that excites me, its seeing God move and work in all of this and in us who are planning it. When we moved back God made it clear we were here to serve but I never imagined it would be to this capacity!

I think of how often we are looking for something better or greater when the whole time, its right in front of us! Maybe we just need to spend more time focusing on what IS in front of us versus what we WANT to be in front of us. Then we won’t miss out on anything!


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  1. * Holly says:

    Galations 6:9-10So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit. Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all, starting with the people closest to us in the community of faith.

    I read this and smiled because I know that God is stirring your heart, and your lives are being played out RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! and all for His plan and purpose! I love you Erin, and it makes me happy to be able to watch! You are loved:)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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