Living a Life of PRAISE

Just Thankful

Tonight I was deeply moved. As we sat in the volunteer service at our new church building all I could do was praise God for bringing us back. If we were brought back here just to be a part of Port City Community Church, then thats enough for me. During the music I was thanking God for friends who are pregnant I get to see go through the process of becoming a mom, I was thanking him for the girls I get to pour into in my small group as well as the married couples Matt and I are going to be going through life with and getting real with, I was praying for my friends here whose marriages are falling apart and divorce is being tossed around, in the same breath I was praising God for marriages that are being renewed, I was praying for friends who have recently endured losses, and I was thanking God that my children are going to be raised in this environment. I’ve missed this community more than I even realized.

Bottom line: There is a difference between knowing someone and being known. People knew us in Tennessee but now we are known. We are plugged into life here and it flows, more like overflows. There is a lot going on here with our friends-both ups and downs-but what an honor to see God at work in it all. And what an honor and blessing to feel so loved and appreciated and known.

Please keep praying for our house to sell. It dawned on me on the way home tonight we are having to pay for a house we are no longer living in and a car that has been totaled for 3 months now (we’re waiting on the insurance to go through). I asked Matt what in the world could be the purpose for this and he simply said, humility. I get that because I know it doesn’t take much in my life for pride to be evident and what rules my thoughts and attitude. So for now we’ll just keep on waiting…but in the meantime we have full days with people to encourage and others to encourage us. I couldn’t be more grateful to be somewhere as I am here. God is good and worth waiting on.

Proverbs 11:25


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  1. * holly says:

    Hey dear!
    I am so thankful for the constant encouragement you give me. I have learned a lot from you, and I enjoy our reality check moments, our getting real moments, our come to Jesus moments, and our tent revival moments! You being in Wilmington, has renewed you in so many ways, and I remember praying for this to happen! God moves in His perfect timing,and we get to sit and wait as he builds HIS character traits in us! I am watching you live JESUS OUT LOUD! Love it:) Holly<

    I am feeling a road trip coming on………
    Prayer FOCUS: Beauty Within (hearts of the girls,speakers this week)

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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