Living a Life of PRAISE

Immediate Obedience 2

So I wasn’t planning on having an “Immediate Obedience 2” but this is what God is drilling me with right now. Its beginning to make sense to me, how can I be obedient in the big things if I’m not in the little things. It’s easy to seek God’s direction in moving somewhere or making a big purchase but what about my everyday tasks? If my body really is God’s temple then shouldn’t I be asking Him what to put in it? If my money is really Gods money then shouldn’t I seek Him on how I spend every penny? If my days are already mapped out then shouldn’t I ask God what He wants me to do today?

My plan today was to go to the beach to see a friend whose in town. As I got up this morning and prayed for God to lead me through my day I had a strong conviction come over me that I was not to spend any money today, no matter what. I immediately started justifying the need to go to the beach which was going to cost me gas since I’m on empty and parking. I thought to myself-I’m going to have to fill up anyway at some point and parking isn’t that much. I even got my bathing suit on, called my friend to tell her we were headed that way, and started getting the girls ready. But then something happened-I snapped. I got so anxious and restless and overwhelmed I yelled at the girls for no reason. As I caught myself I realized all these negative emotions were coming from RUNNING FROM GOD.

I turned the TV on to find Joyce Meyer talking about balancing our life. One man was talking about how he use to think his priorities were in line because he was working to provide for his family but he was gone all the time. He went on to say he later realized how out of balance he was and just because opportunities were brought to him, it did not mean he had to do all of them, especially if it took him away from his family. I knew then I was to cancel on the beach outing and spend time with my girls while Matt was at work. This was a hard call to make because I was really excited to see my friend and her family. At first I didn’t know what to do with my time but then I just stopped. I stopped making lists of “to dos”. I stopped cleaning. I stopped talking on the phone. And I played-for hours! We played barbies, colored, had a rock show, wrestled, did puzzles, and laughed. To be in those moments with my girls was priceless and something I need to do more of.

I was still not settled in having to stay here all day so I called some friends to come over later with their kids and then the last scripture I read before I went to bed last night came to mind:


I felt God smile down on me. I didn’t want to be obedient this morning but I’m thankful God humbled me and broke me of my will. I have to slow down to hear from Him but when I do that and respond, that leads to prosperity or happiness. Then, there is something pleasant about my life. It flows and I know I’m at one with the One who fulfills my every desire.


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