Living a Life of PRAISE

“Home is where the heart is”

I always thought this was such a cheesy saying. I actually picture it cross stitched with a house on one side and a heart on the other. Maybe my grandma has it in her house (bathroom) because I see it so vividly in my mind. I often wondered what does that mean anyway? Home isn’t where the heart is, its a house I live in and in that house I find comfort and security and peace. Its a refuge. It’s where life is lived. But what God is showing me is that this saying is true.

We don’t have a place to call “home” and haven’t for a while. Hopefully in a couple months we will but until then I can’t wait around to have “that” comfort and peace in my life. If home is where my heart is and I don’t have a place to call home, then God alone is where my heart is. I would love to be settled into a home where we can hang pictures and have our own little routine and some much needed organization but thats not the plan for us right now.

We stayed with my mother in law last month and it was great! There were so many blessings in staying there that I did not see coming. God is constantly reminding me He is at work in the unseen and to praise Him for that-not just what He has done but what He is doing. We just got back from being out of town where Matt was singing and I got to spend time with my mom and step dad and once again, many blessings awaited there. And now we’re staying at some friends house who are out of town for the month and what a praise it is for them to be so generous to open up their home to us.

I know I have a wandering heart. I see it daily want to be filled in things and approval and busyness. But the more God strips me the more I see Him and desire Him to be what fills and satisfies. When I’m at one with Him, stuff doesn’t matter. I’m grateful to be in Wilmington. I’m grateful for a tight family unit. I’m grateful for my friends who are growing in amazing ways in their relationships with God. I’m seeing lives changed all around me! I’m grateful for God providing our every need even if it is last minute. I’m grateful for my husband and him being proactive in finding work to support us. I’m grateful for my girls who are a joy. I’m grateful for all the friendships we are yet to form here and what lies ahead that we don’t know about.

Now I sit back and I’m in awe of how this life-what we are to fix our thoughts on-has little to do with what we collect or think is going to make us happy or what we think we deserve. So I’m grateful to be homeless, no lets say houseless. I wouldn’t trade these times for anything because it continues to draw us closer and closer to God as we have to trust and exercise faith in the unseen.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

My definition of success-to be thankful in all things.


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  1. * 704hollyandrich says:

    I was listening to the song “empty me” by Chris Sligh and as I listened I realized that when there is less of me and more of Him, you are right nothing seems to matter…I love being in that place of greatfulness,and I am on my way back! I tend to let junk distract me and make me mad, especially if its an attack on the ministry stuff! I am looking forward to what is to come, and by the way Beauty Within posters went out this week! SOOOO EXCITED:) I love you and I am thankful for your constant encouragement!! You have no idea, how much your words touch the lives around you! See you soon! Holly

    by the way we are thinking about planning a retreat for some of the kids in maybe August. We want them to come to port city too! Let me know when a good weekend would be!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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