Living a Life of PRAISE

Something is happening…

I’m not sure what exactly is going on but I do know a fire has been ignited in the depth of me. A fire to know God more and hear God more and be willing to do whatever He desires. I can’t get enough right now. I feel like I’m coming back to life, like I’ve been in a coma for over a year. My mind is daily being renewed as I dig into Gods Word and my heart is softening as one does the closer we get to God. I am experiencing “Break my heart for what breaks yours”. Its beautiful. I’m beginning to understand the heart behind the song “Jesus, lover of my soul.” He has come in and invaded every area, making it His and making it desire what He desires. He is alive in me and I can feel it. This may all sound coo coo to some but it makes perfect sense to me as I watch and listen to people who are so passionate about spreading Gods Word. They live what they want others to grasp. They’re captivating and invigorating. They spend every available moment searching for God and LISTENING to Him. They’re obedient.

A friend gave me a study called Discerning the Voice of God, that is changing my life daily. I’ve never been here before-where I anticipate hearing from God, where I expect to meet Him when I sit down to dig into this study. I am seeing just how real and personal God is. I can fill up my day praying-talking to Him-but now I’m learning to LISTEN. As I woke up this morning I was annoyed with how Abi is still waking up in the middle of the night. I voiced this to God asking why-I’m praying for her to sleep through the night and I need my sleep!!! This was my complaint. I then realized the answer is bigger then what I can see. I read Isaiah 50:4,5 which says: THE SOVEREIGN LORD HAS GIVEN ME HIS WORDS OF WISDOM, SO THAT I KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO ALL THESE WEARY ONES. MORNING BY MORNING HE AWAKENS ME AND OPENS MY UNDERSTANDING TO HIS WILL. THE SOVEREIGN LORD HAS SPOKEN TO ME, AND I HAVE LISTENED. I DO NOT REBEL OR TURN AWAY. God said, “Abi waking is an appointment with ME”. What a perspective change-no longer about me but about God. And He loves me so much to wake me to spend time with me. As I feed Abi our house is quiet and I can be still LISTENING for His voice. Maybe He wants me to pray for her, maybe for someone else or maybe to reveal something to me. Whatever it is, I am confident He will tell me.

With many unknowns in our life there is plenty of room to worry and stress and freak out. We leave in 8 days to head back to Wilmington but once there who knows. Our house hasn’t sold so we don’t have money to rent anything there just yet which means we’ll be staying with Matts mom. I’m thankful for her opening up her home but its not like thats where we want to be. We would love to have this house sold which would provide us with money to move and money for a place to live. I would love to be headed to Wilmington with fun thoughts of moving into a home. I would love to think getting to Wilmington is safe and secure and comfortable, but thats not the case. God has us in a place of mystery and wonder. He has us in a place of WAITING. This can often be the most frustrating place to be but I’m realizing we can be closer with Hm during this time then when we know what lies ahead. Of course we’re more dependent on Him but to be able to live each day ANTICIPATING HIS NEXT MOVE is freeing and exciting. Its what makes following Jesus an adventure. Being a christian is NOT boring. But being a christian who isn’t obedient is. God wants us to love life and love change and to be sensitive to His voice which will lead us to do things we never thought we could. How can He be known if we’re living a life up to us?

1 Corinthians 2:12 says: AND GOD HAS ACTUALLY GIVEN US HIS SPIRIT (NOT THE WORLD’S SPIRIT) SO WE CAN KNOW THE WONDERFUL THINGS GOD HAS FREELY GIVEN US. I’m just curious as to why I’ve been a christian for 6 years and just now realizing the Holy Spirit is in me so God can be real to me. Yes, talk to me! Why does this freak so many people out? If He spoke to everyone in the bible, why wouldn’t He speak to us? It’s easy to read stories of people with great faith like Abraham and Noah and want that, but fill our days with noise and wonder why we don’t hear from God. We have to be tuned into Him and if that means getting rid of distractions then I’m all about radical amputation because radical is what I desire to be and just as important, what I desire my children to be. But listening isn’t enough, obedience must follow and theres no excuse for not doing what we hear. Thats sin and it doesn’t make God pleased with us. Theres a flow when I hear from God and do as He says. I want to live my life, my marriage, and friendships in that flow.

So I will WAIT for God to move and I will LISTEN for His voice and I will PRAISE Him for how He is drawing my heart unto Him.

Habakkuk 1:5


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  1. * 704hollyandrich says:

    Erin, thanks for the prayers! I needed your blog tonight, because it brought me back to reality! There is life out there, and right now, I am waiting on someone whom i love dearly to die, rather than grab all the memories I can. I just realized something. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy and Janice was so sick with pneumonia and almost gone several times in the hospital, today she sat up her in bed (in her home) and with a smile, she said I am going to do this the right way, well God’s way. I just got that! She fought through the sickness with prayer and just finding rest in Him, and now she is ready to be ushered into heaven the way God meant for her to be! WOW I love you Erin, and I cherish your friendship! Tomorrow is not promised, so I am going to live for TODAY! We need to get together soon! Love you Holly< Tell Matt and your cuties hello!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 9 months ago

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