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Life lessons from buying a car

So I’ve tried writing this blog numerous times already. I wanted to write about our car shopping adventure but each time I start telling the story it gets too long and drawn out so I’ll just get to the point-what God taught me in the hunt.

1. SUBMISSION-Yes I said the word women cringe when they hear. I’m actually learning a lot about this right now and its truly a freeing term when understood biblically and applied of course (the hard part). At one point durring the car shop Matt and I miscommunicated. He said, “I feel like you don’t trust me. Like I’m the old Matt and going to make a bad decision.” At that point I realized he needed to know I believed in him. He needed to be reassured that his decision would be respected. He is the head of the house so these decisions need to be his. When I start worrying about cost or this or that, I began to carry a burden I was not made to carry. For Matt to understand that I trusted him to the point of he could go pick out the car himself and I would still be okay with it, gave him a new sense of confidence. It was liberating to me to not have to voice every little opinion I had but to trust Matt because when I’m trusting him, I’m trusting God.

2. A car is just a car. I made this so much of a bigger decision than it really was. Now transportation is important but is the type of car that important and what are my motives? We were almost lurred into looking at something WAY out of our price range that had all the hook ups but why? Theres no point in placing ourselves in the middle of temptation.

3. Relationships. Wouldn’t you know our salesman was someone I use to know from NA (Narcotics Anonymous). When the timing was right I brought this up and it led to us talking about God and even talking about Port City. He said one of our pastors had just come in a week ago and bought a car from him. He said he asked our pastor what type of church Port City was and he said, “just come check it out.” This salesman thought that was so cool because he wasn’t pushy or forward. I thought it was really cool too so maybe he’ll come. Another relationship connection was between the owners son and Matt who went to school together. They got to catch up and talk for a while.

4. God is good. For some reason I thought whatever minivan we got was going to be crap. I felt guilty driving something nice. Yesterday a friend pointed out to me that God wants His best for us. That has sense helped me change the way I view that car and our life right now. We’re coming out of a very tough time and for the first time in forever “happy” is how I’m feeling. I’m use to having to find joy in the midst of struggling, “happy” has not been a word I have used to describe my emotions this past year. Last night after having dinner with friends Matt and I were talking about how much we have laughed since being here-like really laughing-belly laughing-where everything is funny. Feels good to be home and so welcomed by everyone.

Our plan was to go back to Clarkville Monday but we feel we have more reasons to be here right now then there so we’re staying until my brothers graduation in Auburn May 9th. We have lowered the price on our house again and feel strongly its going to sell soon. We’re ready to get down here and get settled.

Oh and by the way, Matt and I are TOTALLY eating our words of never owning a minivan! Now I must say what we got doesn’t look like a typical minivan but it is. At this point beggars can’t be choosers and for our lifestyle, a van makes sense. I do miss the Suburban but I don’t miss the cost of gas or having to climb over seats to get to the girls (which I do frequently traveling) or having to pick Kaylee up to get her in the car. And we even have pick up! Its taking me a while to get use to not pushing the pedal all the way to the floor as I pull into traffic. I also have a new appreciation for being a one car family. We had two cars for a few days and as convienent as it was for each one of us to go where and when we needed, I missed the famliy feel of all of us being together singing and being silly and having good conversations. My days have been filled with many praises to God.


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  1. * Holly says:

    I wanted to call and tell you today, that I was restless last night from about 1:30am until around 4am…most of that time was spent praying for the buyer’s heart! I know they are coming…I claimed it:) love you! talk to you soon! Holly

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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