Living a Life of PRAISE

Just breathe

I’m taking a deep breath as I begin to write today. I must remember my quiet time this morning as I sat outside overlooking the waterway at Carolina Beach. The first words that came to me as I quieted my racing mind and anxious spirit were-“Praise Him in the morning for tall and lofty trees. Praise Him in the evening for children on their knees” (Praise the King). I questioned God yesterday in the midst of all this chaos but this morning I was reassured of His presence that never leaves me. We’re staying at a beautiful home that is serving its purpose as a refuge from the storm right now. We have space, each other, and a place to rest.

My body is worn out as I’m losing my voice and getting sick. I’m also sunburned (along with Abi-not a good mom to forget that just because its windy doesn’t mean you can’t get sun). And today I found out I have to get a root canal tomorrow and next week have 4 cavaties filled!

I’m realizing more and more how I view life is a mindset but my mind can’t be in a victorious place if I’m not preparing it for the battles. This morning was the first time in a week I removed myself from distractions to just BE with God. I don’t know how single moms do it or moms with husbands traveling or even deployed because when Matt was gone I just survived with no room to breathe, just live. I was running on fumes by the time he returned BUT the distance did make me draw closer to God.

Its easy with Matt around so much to look to him to be the one to fill me and satisfy me but thats not his job, ever. And I’ve noticed lately when I let things go (even things I feel like I have valid points in or justified for how I feel), and turn to God to fill me up, there is less tension and more freedom. A couple things I use to nag Matt about I’ve seen in the past month come to light for him and its had nothing to do with me. It’s exciting to see that God doesn’t need my words as much as I think he does.

Matt never picks on me or says you need to work on this unless I ask or I’ve been in the pits for a while. Me, on the other hand, could focus on one negative when theres 100 positives. But what Matt lives out for me is an example of how God works in our life. God doesn’t pick on us or nag us or wait around for us to do something wrong. He may convict us which doesn’t feel good because its truth but he does that because he loves us. He accepts us as we are and at the right time will shine His light on our darkness or tug at our spirit as if to say, “maybe you should go this way instead of that way” or “focus on me and what I’m doing versus what you want me to do”.

Today has been full of good news then minutes later bad news, good news again and bad news following. This has happened so many times today its humorous. SO I’m going to focus on the good. The fact we had Gap insurance that will pay off our car is a huge blessing! Someone lending us their truck which is big enough for the girls to be in the back and the cab was large enough to haul all our belongings from one place to another back to another. Matt sold his guitar on ebay and is getting the one hes wanted for a while now without having to pay extra! The guitar he has to ship was going to cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars but ended up being less than 100! A friend is sending us an extra phone so Matt will have one to use. We’re able to stay at this home “our safe haven” for the rest of our time here in Wilmington. My dentist appointment this morning ended up being free. And we have lots and lots of groceries! But the coolest thing is to be able to touch my husband. Seeing first hand how someone can be taken so fast has made me look at him differently.

I really have nothing to complain about when its written out like that. Amazing how self absorbed I can become. Today I am living in this day without worrying or even thinking about things to come (except that root canal tomorrow-I am a bit scared about that, you can pray for me!). So many people have called us and emailed us during this time offering help in various ways. Please know if we haven’t gotten back with you, we greatly appreciate you. I’ve been overwhelmed by Gods love through His people and their generousity.

It feels good to be in Wilmington.


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  1. * Leslie Pigg says:

    Hey Erin…I had saved your blog to my list of favs, and I hadn’t checked it in a while…thought I’d read up today. I was so sorry to hear the tough time you guys have had lately! But more grateful that you all are okay, as I know you are sooooo grateful to God for his angels around Matt. I am thinking about you and praying for your family as you deal with the “aftermath” and the rest of your stay in NC. Look forward to seeing your sweet self when you all get back to Clarksville. Keep us posted…

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Holly says:

    Hey Erin,
    You need to forget writing a book about your past, you can write a best seller on the things you are enduring NOW! I see it now, bright yellow with a funky flower on the front that reads…..”this changes everything” this is a compilation of all your blogs since the day you began to pour your soul for others to see who you really are, ewww yes another title….Its just me! your book is written girl…just start printing out the blogs! daily devotions by Erin Blair! cold chills!!!!!!!!!!!Holly<
    I am praying for you to REST….go catch some ZZZZZZ’s:)

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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