Living a Life of PRAISE

Full Day

Full Day
And we made it to Wilmington! I must tell you, if you’re like me you can be in the middle of stress or depression and not even know it until you move out of it. Our last couple days in Clarksville were very hard for me. The day before we left for North Carolina I really thought I was going to lose it. I looked in the mirror and my face was breaking out, I’ve had a filling that has fallen out of my tooth over a week ago that is causing pain, I was very sick in my stomach from something I ate the previous day, I had to pack for a month and leave the house clean if it was to show, I was exhausted because Abi has not slept through the night in over a week, and my mind was racing so fast I couldn’t stand being in my own skin. Matt stepped in and watched the girls so I could nap which made a HUGE difference. I forgot how crazy one gets from not getting sleep. A friend also called saying I was on her heart and prayed for me on my voicemail. I needed that desperately! So after my nap and prayer from a friend I was able to complete the day.

Something happened to me though the next day as we got packed up and headed out towards Gastonia, NC. I came alive. I really felt like I was raised from the dead. Within minutes of us being on the road I was reading my bible and calling friends with encouragement which are two things that are normally part of my life but lately have not been. I’ve even been in situations with people who are sharing some hard core things and I haven’t been able to give them hope! I didn’t know what was wrong with me until I read a devotional that talked about how we can’t minister to others if we’re not worshipping God ourselves. I’ve been so self absorbed and sinking that it was hard to have words for others who were in much worse situations then me.

I’ve been so restless and miserable, to be honest, in Clarksville. Its not Clarksville or anything there as it is I am ready for some change. I’m ready for anything at this point. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a black hole there. However, every day we are getting more and more clarity on our next step through conversations with others and prayer and ideas. We don’t have an answer just yet but I know its coming.

Last night Matt did a surprise concert for a youth group in Gastonia, NC who have been a great support to us. I got to see friends and even meet a friend I’ve made through MySpace that was able to come. Being around people and being in this environment breathes life into me and I love it. The youth even prayed over Matt and I last night which was incredibly moving. It feels good to know people are for us. I hope to see my girls one day initiating prayer the way these middle and highschoolers do.

As soon as we got into Wilmington today we unpacked and got right back in the car to visit friends and family. I think this trip for me is going to be ministry focused, as all of life should be. There are a lot of people on my heart to get together with here that I don’t talk to on a normal basis. I need to get out of myself and I see many opportunities to do that.

Please keep us in your prayers as we seek God with our future.


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