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Coffee break

Its funny how I’m reading this book about seizing the power of every moment and that seems to be the last thing I want to do. In the “waiting” I’m impatient, complaining, and frustrated. This down time is something I should appreciate as I anxiously await for what God is going to reveal to us about our next step. There is an urgency within me to “see it” already but the urgency needs to be in seizing these precious moments and to enjoy the anticipation of whats around the corner.

Today Matt was singing a new song he wrote and as Kaylee was playing with her baby dolls she was singing right along. She had only heard it a few times but it was enough to stick with her. Matt then went into a silly kids song for her. She would do whatever came out of his mouth whether it was turn around or touch the ground or praise the Lord. She idolizes her daddy and these moments when I see them connect in such a “nobody else matters” way, it touches my heart.

A friend told me the other day how much she has seen God grow Matt and I together since moving out here to Clarksville. Its not just Matt or Erin but Matt and Erin. I think shes right. Moving out here is the best thing that could have ever happened for our marriage and family. We’re not who we were a year ago. We have had to grow up being away from everything and everyone we loved and enjoyed and found comfort in. Theres a special union that happens when all you have is each other. Its the same with God. When I got out of rehab over 6 years ago, He was all I had and boy did we bond. I could either draw close to Him or further away. With every decision I made and still make, these are my options.

I have a deep respect for Matt since being out here. He does not give up or sit around waiting for something to happen. Hes “busting down doors” as my friend once put it. He lays his heart out there and becomes vulnerable because he is confident in his call. He has grown into a man of character and integrity. Hes priorities are in line and his drive to succeed increases daily. I see him take risks which is so attractive to me because those who haven’t failed, haven’t risked anything. “Failing” in the worlds eyes can be the best possible thing in what God has planned for our lives. We can’t dictate the outcome but we must be sensitive to the following and be willing to lose it all in order to gain it all (and it has nothing to do with “stuff”). This is how I see Matt following God-at all costs. He has not wavered when time after time people say he should do this or that or change this or not do it like that. I couldn’t be more proud of him then I am right now. He is a leader.

So today I’m going to try to just savor the moments. I want to make memories that will last forever and lead to something greater than myself. I want to appreciate all things around me and to reach out to those I know are hurting today.


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  1. * Kendall says:

    I was deleting old emails and found the one about your blog that I never had time to look at and just got pushed farther and farther down the line until it was off the page (sorry bout that! but I’m sure you know how that goes with TWO little ones around now) Anyway, after reading this entry I had to write just to say.. Isn’t it just an amazing gift from the Lord to love a wonderful husband!? Don’t you just think every day..”wow God, thank you”! It’s so nice to hear someone say they feel the same as I do about my husband. Love On!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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