Living a Life of PRAISE

Pushing Through

This morning I really didn’t want to go to the gym and even when we got there I didn’t want to be there. I thought to myself-I’ll eventually get into it, I just need to start. As I was running for a while I still didn’t want to be there but I pushed through. Then it came to me-this is like life. There are times I come to the gym ready to work out and I do just that-work out. I feel good afterwards but nothing like I do when I push through not wanting to be there. There are days I really don’t want to “show up” for life but when I push through the reward is that much greater. Leaving the gym today I felt more alive then I have in a while, all because I didn’t give up and I pushed myself. Something else that was different about this mornings work out was I normally listen to music but I just couldn’t get into any songs that were playing on my ipod. I took my earphones out and began to pray for people. The harder my run got, the more intense my prayers became. My legs were tired and I wanted to quit but I put that energy into deep prayers for people. I was fighting for marriages and addictions and breakthroughs for specific people. I think I endured more of a spiritual work out this morning than anything else and it was exactly what I needed.

We’re reading The Power of a Praying Wife for my moms group and I just LOVE this book. I’ve read it twice before and it always helps me pray for Matt from a pure place. Its easy to say-change him Lord-but this book is about changing me. I see that when Matt is changed in an area and it comes from God-it lasts and a heart change has taken place. When hes changed because of my nagging it doesn’t last because the motive behind it is not God, its more like-ok whatever will get you off my back! Relate anyone?

So this morning I was having a quiet time and since I’ve been slack with the Word, the way I now begin journaling is to first find a scripture for the day and write it at the top of my paper. As I was praying for Matt’s work (Ch. 2) I came across some scripture that has stuck with me and one I hope to pray daily for him.

Ps. 90:17

So last night was DOODLE BOP night! We had a blast! We were able to sit in the very front and wouldn’t you know Matt and I both were dancing and singing before the night was over. Kaylee did her little dance moves but was mostly in awe all night. Abi did great too and “just hung out” (thats what we always say about Abi-shes just hanging out). Now this is funny-when we picked up Kaylee from the childrens area in the gym today, a lady approached me who had been watching her. She had a very concerned look on her face. She asked me if Kaylee was on antibotics. I said no, why? She said Kaylee had a bowel movement that was bright green and it freaked her out! I started laughing as I told her we went to the Doodle Bop show last night where she took in quite the large amount of sugar from a snow cone that was liquid sugar to candy cotton. This lady said her kids didn’t eat that much sugar so she knew nothing about it being able to change the color of bowel movements. I guess she learned something new today!

I’ll get some pics. of last night up soon


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