Living a Life of PRAISE

doing better

Kaylee is much better. The ped. office was closed but the nurse said it sounded like she had a virus that was going around right now. A friend who read the blog wrote me and said Kaylees hands hurting could be because of the fever and her acting so strange could be hallucinations from such a high fever. All of that made sense and gave me a peace. I’ve been treating the fever with Motrin and Tylenol and giving her lukewarm baths as well as drinking a lot of fluids. She had a seizure when she was 18 months due to a spiked fever so I get scared every time she gets one since shes prone to having more seizures. I’m just praying Abi doesn’t get whatever she has.

I had a special moment with Kaylee today when she was playing with her toys and getting frustrated. She was trying to stack a lot of toys on top of her baby doll in the stroller. Everything kept falling out which would make her mad. I looked at her and said, “Kaylee just try again. Don’t give up.” It was a simple statement but after I said it I started to cry. Here she is 2 years old and I get to instill in her values that are so important all through life. So she tried again and was so excited when it all fit in her stroller. She said, “Mommy! Mommy! I did it!”. And I said, “I am so proud of you!”. She lit up.

I hate saying good bye to Matt. I cry every time he leaves whether its only a couple days or a couple weeks. Thankfully he’ll be back Sunday. I can handle a couple of days. Being apart just confirms why we do travel together most of the time because the temptation to live separate lives can creep in very quickly.

On a cool budget note-last month as we looked at what was due and what was expected in, we were very concerned. However, going back over last months finances we (more like God) brought in twice as much as what we needed! If I had not written all of that out, we would have never known what a blessing last month really was. This Money Makeover has done wonders for our finances. It feels good to have a plan and stick to it. We’re finally moving forward and not stuck anymore. That doesn’t mean we won’t hit anymore hard times because I know we’re not out of that boat but at least we know that we know we’re doing all things right as of right now. God is showing us just because we’ve been in financial hardships for a while, it doesn’t mean we’re doing something wrong. We’re a work in progress and finances are something He has recently exposed as to how we can live a freer life. To want “comfort” is not what He desires so we’ll keep walking through the valley as long as He wants us to. To be uncertain is exactly where God wants us because where else do we have to go but to Him?

I look forward to tomorrows snow day! As I look outside the snow has piled up about 4 inches on top of our patio table. Kaylee is going to have a blast!


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