Living a Life of PRAISE

Family Time

Its been nice being back in Clarksville. Its really starting to feel more like “home.” Maybe its having been here for a year now. Maybe its being more involved with our church by joining a small group and helping with the college ministry. Or maybe Matt and I realize this is where God has us so we need to embrace it. Its been so easy to still consider Wilmington home because of friends and family and Port City, but we’re seeing the need to be more involved here and less there.

Coming off the road can easily overwhelm me as soon as I walk through the door. There is so much laundry to do, clothes and toys to clean out, bills to pay, pictures to mail out, emails to respond to, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention Kaylee going through detox from so much sugar and being spoiled by family. I don’t complain about this though because I know I will be the same way one day when I’m a grandma. It’s just part of it. So my mind has been non stop with all that needs to get done not to mention alot of family drama and spiritually being in a funk. At least today is our day of rest (we just started this, actually today) which means no cleaning or laundry! Only time enjoying my family.

So my new name is Puree Queen. I am SO excited about this. As Matt has led the way with a healthy lifestyle makeover I have begun something I’ve wanted to do for while-Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. This book has amazing recipes with pureed vegetables in them so kids are getting what they need and don’t even know it. And its good! I always wanted to puree food for Kaylee when she was a baby but the time comes and its just easier to buy the baby food jars. However, I’m discovering this is easy, fun, healthy, and cheaper. The cool thing is, its something Kaylee and I can do together.

Today Kaylee hugged Abi and said, “Shes my best friend”! She is such a little mommy it warms my heart. Last night when Abi was crying, Kaylee came in the room trying to help by turning her mobile on. I love to see their connection already at this young of an age. We haven’t seen much attitude in Abi, only sweetness, but this morning she was playing with a toy when Kaylee got in “her space”. She let out a squeal which we interpreted as-Get out of my face! It was hilarious to see this spunky side of Abi.

It blesses me to share these moments with Matt. I never want to lose the appreciation for that. When I saw my dad a couple days ago I brought up several things regarding me growing up. He didn’t remember any of them. It hurt. I never want to play a victim role or live in the hurt from my past, especially with my dad because we have a wonderful relationship today. He is one of the most supportive people in my life. He is incredibly involved with my 12 year old stepsister which shows his growth and makes me happy to see. However, that wound that I thought was healed riped open again. I think I’m more sensitive to that relationship because I have girls and I see how Kaylee looks at her daddy and how he looks at her. There is a strong bond there because they know each other. Kaylee knows her daddy buys her “princess snacks” because he knows thats her favorite. The other day at the doctor office Matt was naming all the princesses to Kaylee when a nurse turned around and said, “Thats pretty impressive he knows all of them.” Naturally out of my mouth I said, “Hes an involved dad.” It made me proud. I’ve seen many people make lots of sacrifices to get to where they are financially so they can say, “I’m comfortable.” But in the process they lost their family. That would be the worse possible thing I could ever imagine happen in our life. I want my girls to grow up with memories of us as a family, always growing closer. I want them to see what drives us is obedience to God-whatever that may look like and wherever that may lead us. It is only in that place we will have true fulfillment as well as persecution and struggles. I want them to see perseverance and a love so pure between Matt and I that they won’t ever settle for less than that themselves.

Matt knowing Kaylee so well and her knowing him (she likes to say, “Its okay daddy” if his tone changes in the least bit) is from spending time together. Its a constant reminder of me needing to spend time with my heavenly Father, who knows me best. I’ve struggled with this lately and would rather just go through the motions maybe reading the Word here and there which leaves a void in me. There are so many lessons I’m learning and things being revealed that it overwhelms me so I just ignore what I need to do most-spend time with God and LISTEN. Until I do, I will run myself crazy and miss opportunities that I need to embrace because I’m just too busy.

Fun in the Kitchen!
My mom always said, “Great cooks make big messes.”


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  1. * Holly says:

    I love watching each time you go on the road, and then back to Clarksville. Each time you bring back a new found love for the calling God has placed on your lives! This time it was embracing family! You guys are as solid as a stick of butter! The memories we make now are the ones that will be forever engraved on our hearts! The song by casting crown…..”The American Dream” is just this! The dad was so busy bulding what he thought would be protectiona and love for them, was what ripped them apart in the end, and the end plays out saying “all he ever wanted was you”! matt and you are both giving the best part to your sweet Kaylie and Abi….just YOU! Love ya girl! I moving to TN too….you just wait girl! I am still claiming it!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago
  2. * mackenziefoust says:

    Good Lord that is good!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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