Living a Life of PRAISE


This word:ORDER is becoming our families word this year. God is bringing order to us in many areas. One is finances. I can’t get over how free I feel in this area since reading Total Money Makeover. It has made our home lighter and our marriage more enjoyable. An example of God blessing our obedience already has to do with Matts guitar. The side of it cracked a couple weeks ago. Matt brought it up the other day that he needed to get it fixed. Me-not knowing much about music- said, “Well is it still playable?” I got a look and then a response that made sense. Matt said, “It like a carpenter who broke his tools. Its our livelyhood and eventually it will affect the job.” Our options were borrowing money or credit card, both of which we have just recently swore off doing. This was hard because it needed to be fixed so the natural thing is to do whatever it takes to get what you want, right? Well we just waited and I prayed, knowing God knows our need as well as our desire to live differently regarding how we spend our money. So yesterday I got a call from a friend who knew our situation and said she was sending us a check that will pay for the repair! She said she wanted this to encourage us that God will take care of us while we’re cutting back. Through her generousity I saw God and praised Him!

ORDER is also coming into our home by discipline with Kaylee. I was recommended a book by our pedatrician called 1 2 3 Magic. As soon as I started reading it I was hopeful. I have read so many books and tried everything from spanking to time out to talking to ignoring to praying and nothing has made as much of a difference as this book has. Its a plan which was missing from us. We constantly changed how we disciplined Kaylee alot of times around what type of mood we were in. This plan teaches the parent to stay non emotional which was always my problem. We would be so emotionally exhausted by the end of the day just from dealing with Kaylees tantrums and testing and whining. This past week has been less stressful and much more enjoyable with her. Kaylee is still Kaylee-full of spunk and sass-and sometimes she gets it and sometimes she doesn’t but Matt and I are at more peace knowing what to do instead of freezing up or doing whatever comes natural. And Kaylee is beginning to understand the concept which is helping her to listen and obey. So for now we have found something that is bringing ORDER to our house.

ORDER is also being brought into our life regarding eating and exercising. We have been to the gym regularly and today Matt and I even worked out together (obviously using different weights). It was alot of fun and I never thought that would be something we would do together. When we were in Wilmington we ran into someone we knew from our church who had lost over 100 lbs. We didn’t even recognize this guy! He became so passionate about helping people take care of their bodies that he sold his lawn care business and is now a life coach. He offered Matt to be his life coach for free! When I heard this I was thinking-yes! This is it for him because its strict accountability, someone who has been where he has, and has all the info. like what to eat/not to eat, how to workout, etc. BUT I knew Matt had to be the one to say yes. He called him last night and I could hear the hope in his voice as he talked with him. I’m so excited for Matt as well as us as a family. I desire for our girls to have a healthy perspective of themselves regarding their body and food choices and exercise. I know the best way for them to have that is to see it in us. I’ve been praying for this for years and years so its a testament to not stop praying for things you desire to happen in your life.

As I was getting our house in ORDER last night, thats when that word came to me. I was finally getting things off the floor that had been there for days. As the room got less cluttered and more organized I began to think about how ORDER honors God. I’ve been flippant many years with the excuse of-it will all work out-but the thing was, it wasn’t working out. Our life was being bombarded with debt and an out of control child and stress that was leading to poor choices and a marriage that was being robbed of enjoyment and intimacy.

We watched a Rob Bell video called NAME. At the end of it he said its like God is looking at us and saying, “Are you ready to be yourself? All right good, because we have alot of work to do.” This past year God has been getting us ready to be ourselves. To clean out the messes in our life. To get us to LISTEN to Him so we can be DISCIPLINED and have ORDER in our lives.

So today we’re coming out of the darkness and stepping into the light which has always been there!


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  1. * Holly says:

    It seems like when God is showing us something, He continues to give us small bits for us to chew on, and then when moments like this you see God’s hand at work. When you picked Listen, and Matt picked discipline you had know idea the journey you were about to embark on, and yet you have embraced it:)… God is amazing:) Love ya sweets! Holly<

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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