Living a Life of PRAISE

Self Control

Its 11:30 at night and as much as I want to be sleeping I just want to write. We got back from some friends house just a little while ago where I did eat some serious yummy lots of icing sugar cookies so that could be part of my insomnia tonight.

My friend tonight was asking what our plans were in selling our house and it got me explaining more than I even understood myself. I just want to start saying, “I have no idea. I have no idea whats going on in our life. I know we are to sell our house so we can rent but other than that I’m just living in the day.” We have no plan B. I’m not sure I even know what plan A is except following Gods lead which may be to wait right now. If Hes not moving in our life then theres no where for us to go. BUT…

I do have hope for the first time EVER in our finances by reading The Total Money Makeover. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it has to do with budgeting-go figure. We are having to practice self control and alot of discipline but what I’m learning is if we do this now, we can do more later. We have a long way to go but knowing we are making the steps is freeing and I know it honors God. Something that was profound to both Matt and I was the subject of borrowing money. What Dave Ramsey says is in doing this it causes tension in relationships because someone becomes the servant and someone becomes the master. So true! We have situations on hand right now that we have no idea how its going to work out but we know we’re doing our part and thats all we can do.

Matt has received 8 emails just in the past 2 days about booking! Its so random how this all works. We can go weeks and not hear anything and then all the sudden hes getting so many calls or emails. Everyday is a complete unknown as to what it may bring! This is scary but also very exciting!


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