Living a Life of PRAISE

New Day

With Abi in the swing and Kaylee watching Sesame Street I thought I would take this time to write. Both girls are sick again with runny noses that normally for Kaylee turn into ear infections. SO frustrating! It never fails when we return here or are here for an extended amount of time, she gets sick. So we’re homebound for the day. This is good though because my priority is to get my home back under control. Its a disaster area!

Last night I started reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. I have to fess up and take responsibility for making bad money decisions. Matts been owning that for a while but I keep making excuses. No more. I made a budget-at least what our monthly bills, gas, groceries are as well as a list of who we owe and how much. It made me feel better to have it on paper. We’ve never done a budget before because how do you do that when you don’t know how much is coming in monthly? Boundaries and plans and lines all freak me out since I am not a Type A personality but with no where else to turn and things not getting any better the way we’re doing them, something has to change. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with money issues. The author went bankrupt so he knows from experience what hes talking about.

So today as I get my life in order in my home I want to make sure I don’t busy myself silly if you know what I mean. If I don’t get it all done but have “precious moments” with my family, then its a win for the day. Someone gave me Kindermusic for the girls so before I start anything here, I think I’m going to sit down and do that with them.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging emails after the last blog. AMAZING how many people can relate!! I can smile when I see God using my struggles so that others will share theirs. It is freeing to not hide and as our pastor said yesterday:



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