Living a Life of PRAISE


Being here in Wilmington has been great-lots of good times with friends and family. Today I took the girls to the beach and laughed when a mom walked by me and said-you sure are brave but good for you for getting them out. It then occured to me-how am I going to do this? It was pretty funny as I juggled feeding Abi, getting Kaylee situated with her lunch, chocolate milk spilling, spit up everywhere, and birds attacking us. Great times and many laughs. I love laughing with Kaylee. I can escape into those moments where nothing else matters and its a place of pure joy. She has been listening alot better lately and I haven’t allowed her to rattle me. When I’m being pushed to the limit I just leave with her if we’re out or I’ll put her in her room if we’re here. Abi has an upper respiratory infection so please pray for her to get better. Shes still full of smiles but her cough sounds horrible.

Sunday night Matt sang at Port City’s youth super bowl party. He only sang a few songs but it was so powerful! Watching these youth cry out to God with such passion and sing the songs like it was their last breath moved me to tears. It gives me incredible hope for my girls when I experience this because I surely didn’t have that in high school. All of those kids come from different backgrounds and are struggling with different things but in that moment of worship they were chasing after God. I know as a parent I have no control over what my children are going to go through in life but my hope is they will seek God through both the good and bad.

Tonight Matt is singing at Port City’s college ministry so I look forward once again to be inspired by the worship of the younger generation.

My personal relationship with God lately has been strained. I don’t have this burning desire to be in the Word and when I pray it almost feels forced. Its like there is a barrier between us. I love praying and it normally flows but lately they don’t even feel heard. I was reading about Hezekiah whom God left for a while to test him and see what he was made of. That made sense to me in reading about his life but its not making any sense in my life right now. Maybe I’m missing something.

I did get 9 inches cut off my hair! It was like saying bye to an old part of me-sad but exciting. I felt like a load was taken off my shoulders, literally. I love having it short and as funny as this sounds I’ve been more peaceful since. It was time for change. I’m sending it into Pantene who will make a wig with it.


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  1. * Holly says:

    Hey Erin, I am so excited about this! Tell Matt it was a gift to me too:) you are the one who encouraged me to write my feelings,thoughts and prayers out and now I love to blog too. Thank you for your friendship, and all the encouragement and stories you send my way! I will talk to you soon! love ya Holly<

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Aunt Lindy says:

    Good Moring Angel
    Hope you will write and write and write, you are using your gift! Don’t worry God is always with you, his light shines from within you. Possibly your time and life are very busy with two children now, and your life may be strained any way. I am sure he listens, perhaps it is hard to find the peaceful quiet time and space to pray. Did you hear the name of a new book, I loved it.
    ” We plan, and God laughs” So see he is taking care of you.

    Pray for Grant, he and Christine are struggling with the relationship and finances. She is finally working, and he is temporarily working from factory to factory. I think they have to move again beause they can’t pay rent. So, I gave him the name of the book above, and maybe some day he will be able to hear!! He has jumped to more things in the past 2 years than some people do in a lifetime, I do not know how he keeps going emotionally. I just pray he finds God’s Calm.

    Jennye birthed a friends baby this week! She sent me pictures and I am sure she found it an emotional experience, but I do not think it made her change her mind about having children. She loves her dogs!!

    We are fine, busy days, wishing for warm weather. Kiss the kids and use your gift!! You are writing your story everyday you breathe! Love You

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago
  3. * Katy says:

    Hi Erin – What a great gift Matt has given you — a place of your own on the Internet. I enjoyed your first entry….you are honest and you can laugh at yourself, which is a nice combination. If you feel like Hezekiah right now, trust that it won’t last forever. Whatever God is doing will be revealed. Best to you and and the fam, especially sweet Abi, whom I pray gets well soon. – Katy

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago
  4. * nanner says:

    Hi Sweetie,
    I am so excited that you, Matt, and the girlies are home…yes, i did mean that! I was reflecting back tonight on the days of friendship…then dating…and when you and Matt came to see me at night when I was working late…what a beautiful journey the Lord has taken you on…and just look at those babies…there is nothing sweeter than what the Lord has given you on this earth…so, if you aren’t close to Him right now, are struggling some, don’t fret because he will use this season of your life, too, to bring you closer to Him. I am praying that you and Matt just can’t stay away and that you can be based from Wilmington again. If the Lord wants the record companies to sign Matt, they will find him where he is best serving the Lord. I miss you and hope I’ll get to see you all while you are here, and especially to see the girls and to meet Abi! I am always loving you all and lifting you up to the Lord for His will for your lives! Nanner

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 4 months ago

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