Living a Life of PRAISE

A Gift for my Wife

I set this site up so my wife has another outlet to write. Or even just copy here blogs from Myspace. My wife has an amazing gift for writing and so many people read and are encouraged from her blogs, but many do not have a myspace account or they don’t want to get on there, which I understand. So I set this wordpress page up so more people can be impacted by her writing. So keep checking here often because she blogs everyday or every couple of days.

For my wife Erin as you read this first blog, I know you said you don’t need another page to keep up with but I believe that people need this page more than you do so that they can be encouraged and challenged by your writing while at the same time they can be praying, laughing, crying, and following the journey of faith right along with you. I love you babe. 

Matt Blair 


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  1. * JuJu says:

    Hey, Erin,
    I’ve missed seeing you and Matt and the girls at church !!! I love reading your blog……….Matt is right, I don’t have a clue how to go on My Space…….so this is great for me !!
    Love you guys………hope to see you Sunday………JuJu

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago

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